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Jefferson's second father

Wythe witnessed most of the great events leading to America’s independence and formation as a nation and was a signatory to the Declaration of Independence. And then, in 1806, Wythe was murdered.

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Jefferson's second cover
Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

Ludwig Leichhardt was a polymath, a man fascinated by the natural world and possessed by a longing for adventure and exploration. His expeditions began in triumph, then dwindled into acrimony, despair and misery before finally ending in disappearance and death: giving rise to one of the enduring mysteries of Australian history.

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Mr Stuart's Track

Mr Stuart’s Track is a fascinating study of a loner, an explorer of no fixed abode, who battled alcoholism and ill health to push himself to the limits of endurance to achieve his aim.

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White Divers of Broome

In 1912 Broome was a frontier town where racial tensions simmered uneasily between whites, Asians and Aborigines. Twelve British Royal Navy-trained divers sent to Broome by a Federal Government deep in the grip of the ‘White Australia Policy’ to master the perilous art of pearl shell diving, and overcome the Asian stranglehold on the pearling industry. This is the true story of a fatal experiment.

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Lost German Slave Girl

The story of the Lost German Slave Girl was one of the most extraordinary cases in slave litigation. What commenced as a petition for freedom developed into a trial about the honor of a wealthy Southern gentlemen accused of the heinous misdeed of enslaving a helpless white girl.

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