Early works

Earlier works from John Bailey

White divers of Broome 2001, Pan McMillan
In 1912 Broome was as much Asian as Australian, filled with the smell of unfamiliar spices and a babel of competing languages. The town thrived on the hugely profitable and extremely dangerous pearl shell industry. Asian labour was cheap to hire, and easy to replace. It was a frontier town where racial tensions simmered uneasily between whites, Asians and Aborigines.

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The Moon Baby 1978, Angus and Robertson
An Unbrave New World, in which the old battles have never died, and the only poignancy is the love and hate that rages between brother and sister moon babies. Peter Smythe is a social misfit of the future - perhaps because Walter and George, his parents, spent the first five years of their remarkable marriage as lab assistants at Lake Peaceful on the moon.

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The Wire Classroom 1972, Angus and Robertson
Set in New Guinea, this is a frank, funny, satirical, yet serious novel. It is centered on an innocent young Australian schoolteacher who, in the remote village of Wendi, finds himself confronted by such appalling characters such as Peanuts O’Neil, Mucker, Bendix van Kram, and the formidable Mrs Weston, the inspector from Education. The story of his decline and fall comes to a crisis, when Cromwell Jonathon, the indigenous assistant teacher at the school, becomes a leader of a strike on one of the nearby plantations.

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